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About Our Class

The Freedom Class is open to all interested men and women seeking a Sunday School experience free from the constraints of a prescribed curriculum and responsive to the interests of class members.


While class sessions are most often focused on study of the scriptures with special attention to the moral and theological implications of the biblical texts, they may also deal with other topics including interests outside mainstream Christianity such as non-Christian religions.


Regardless of the topic, class sessions are conducted in a way that encourages and facilitates honest inquiry, critical thinking and free expression in pursuit of a broad based, well grounded understanding of the Christian faith and its significance for life in all its dimensions.  The class has been taught by Dr. Ron Smith since 1981.


The Freedom Class meets for fellowship and study each Sunday morning from 9:15 until 10:15 a.m. in the South Dining Room of the First Baptist Church of Abilene, Texas. Class sessions are open to all interested individuals regardless of denomination or church membership, and guests are always welcome.

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